the new me


Hey, welcome to the new me.

I’d know it for a while. My blog has been, since its inception, attached to my band’s website. At the time, the band was the only iron I had in the fire apart from my full-time ministry position at a local church here in Ringgold, GA. It’s become more and more clear to me that I rarely say anything about the band there. The resulting effect, from a branding viewpoint, is that the blog is really more about me than about the band. Which, attached to the band website, makes the band seem all about me. And it really isn’t. I am the songwriter but the band has always been about my friendship with Richard and the two of us banging around in his garage on borrowed PA gear followed by the rapidly growing gifts Brandon and, after a long series of misfit Tylers on bass, the friend we’ve come to love in Nick, our resident spiritual grump.

Another reason for the change of address is my increasing voice in youth ministry. By that I mean I’m talking more, not necessarily that anyone is listening more. I’ve been blogging a good bit for my curriculum resource the YouthWorker Circuit, and it didn’t seem right contextually to drag that content back to the band site, nor did it seem right to let the band site go radio silent while my attention was somewhere else. The tone of my blog will be the same, promise. I’ll still do a bracket next mark with Josh and if we have another tornado I promise to be all over it.

I realize no one cares about this but me, but this is the first time I’ve really sat down to explain it to myself.

So I centralized. This website will serve as a kind of hub for my online presence. I’ll blog here in general and pull feeds and reposts from other places I’m popping up online. The band site can go back to being a band site and I’ll update it with actual band news from time to time. Like the crappy, crappy news about how Brandon is leaving us for higher education in a land far, far away in about 4 weeks. Ugh.

It kinda feels like I bought a vanity plate, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Please adjust your bookmark/RSS/OCD-browsing-habits accordingly.

If you’d like some recent words from me, I was live blogging from Youth 2011 at Purdue last week at and I’ll be doing that again next week from Sacramento as that event takes place again on the west coast.



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