oh, there I am.


Sorry about that, if you were following along closely. I took an unscheduled leave of absence from blogging at the end of last spring. I encountered a bit of life change that threw me for a while. I’m re-engaging social media under some new practices. I’ll probably eventually begin to unpack some of my surprising mental/spiritual journey that began last June and carried through… well, it’s probably not actually going to end. But I have medicine now.

A quick up-to-date on a handful of Kevin:

I post articles about once a week at www.ywmovement.org about youth ministry stuff. You can find their FB page, subscribe to their email and/or follow them on Twitter as @ywmovement.

My buddy Gavin and I continue our Wesleyan curriculum efforts at www.youthworkercircuit.com; there’s a free email update option or a $9.99/month option for once-a-week lessons (that’s crazy cheap) plus YM articles & community. There’s also a FB page and we’re on Twitter as @ywcircuit.

I continue to tweet random goodness from my 5 & 7 year old boys as @shatnermysonsay.

In my away-ness I was diagnosed with a pretty rockin’ dose of OCD. I’ve just started a new Twitter ID to aggregate the things that causes me to fixate on as @whatOCDsees. So far it helps me not carry those things around in my brain.

My regular Twitter handle remains @elvisfreakshow; I continue to generally not follow back. I just… I don’t. I’m mostly an “out” door there. I don’t mean to offend.

As I’m typing this, I’m messaging with a Wild Goose Festival board member; it sounds like the festival is still alive and that I may very well be still leading the youth efforts there. Dates/location remain speculative, so stay tuned.

That’s good enough. I plan to resurrect here a couple of times a month.

Peace to you,


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