perfect church

I haven’t been a member of a church for 9 months. I mean, my membership is doing that United Methodist thing where it stays firmly planted in the last place you put it until you[…]

my son, the portrait artist

I threw him under the bus yesterday; only fair to give him some props. The pic is of Grey (6) at the 2011 Wild Goose Festival doing a little pre-breakfast drawing while Penner (4) does[…]

my son, the tumultuous thug

Grey’s extracurricular schedule for the past week and a half: In the hallway, punch a child in the arm. In after-school care, show a boy your [edited: body part deleted due to unwanted traffic from[…]

how to make cake

Grey (6) had an appointment at the doctor today so Penner (4) and I had the house to ourselves. Penner finds an odd freedom in his older brother not being around and it manifests itself[…]