perfect worship

  I’m on the worship struggle bus. My family has been visiting churches all over north GA and Chattanooga, TN since the beginning of 2015. At first we weren’t really looking for anything, just trying[…]

perfect church

I haven’t been a member of a church for 9 months. I mean, my membership is doing that United Methodist thing where it stays firmly planted in the last place you put it until you[…]

the rest of the story

Late last night I posted a response to a out-of-full-context quote in my Twitter feed. This morning I heard from my friend and, after having taken his 140 characters to task, felt it would be[…]

consuming it for jeebus

I’m all bent out of shape, as per usual. I’m going to quote some things that I don’t fully understand and of which I don’t wholly know the context, so I’ll be leaving out some[…]

slapping babies

This picture is of the house across the street from where I worked clearing trees with one of my church families today. It’s a traditional 2-story Cape Cod, except that the storm converted it into[…]