this doesn’t matter a bit.

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this doesn’t matter a bit.

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Except that it was amusing.

Both of my boys are delightful goons, but very difficult to wake up in the morning. As a result, there is no one method of waking them that works for any length of time. A couple of weeks is about all you’ll enjoy out of any particular success. So a few days ago, the luxury of walking in singing, “Gooooood morning boy-zes; tiiiiiime to make yer good morning noises” while turning on lamps wore off. So I’ve been trying climbing into the lower bunk with my 5 year old Penner and slowly trying to talk them both into the day’s existence. It’s not working well, but the other morning this scene unfolded:

[complete silence from both beds]

ME: Hey, Penner. What kinda shirt do you want to wear today? Maybe a pink t-shirt with a Barbie on it?

[complete silence from both beds]

ME: Hey, Penner. What about a yellow t-shirt with a unicorn on it?

[complete silence from both beds]

ME: Hey, Penner. What about a green t-shirt with two girls telling secrets on it?

[Suddenly there was a lot of scrumping around in the upper bunk, and Grey’s head appeared over the side rail, saying]

GREY: Hey, Penner. What about a black t-shirt with a picture of you losing a wrestling match on it?









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Gavin Richardson

May 1, 2012 at 4:56 pm

haha! I love it!!

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